Mini-Fastnet: Ranking update in PROTO.

Times at which the competitors crossed the finishing line:

1. (865) Ian Lipinski and David Raison on Wednesday 21 June at 23h. 52min. 19sec.

2. (716) Romain Bolzinger and Julien Bourgeois on Thursday 22 June at 04h. 33min. 07sec.

3. Lillienthal (934) Joerg Riechers and Robert Stanjek at 05h. 22min. 28sec.

4. Eight Cube – Acryline (888) Simon Koster and Axel Trehin at 05h. 28min. 47sec.

5. Sideral (931) Andrea Fornaro and Oliver Bravo de Laguna at 06h. 08min. 29sec.

6. Ropeye (787) Sébastien Pebelier and Allessandro Torresani at 08h. 27min. 15sec.

7. Mille et un sourires (667) Thibault Michelin and Pierre Denjean at 08h. 59min. 15sec.

8. Région Guadeloupe (788) Kéni Piperol and Julien Hereu at 10h. 18min. 32 sec.

9. Roll my chicken (679) Aurélien Poisson and Lucas Montagne at 10h. 23min. 42sec.

10. Destination île de Ré (759) Antoine Cornic and Laurent Cornic at 11h. 17min 37sec.

11. Hinano (335) Jonathan Chodkiewiez and Jay Thompson at 11h. 53min 36sec.

12. Lore (348) Dominik Lenk and Radec Kowalczyk at 12h 45min 22sec.

13. (614) Fredo Guerin and Henri Duval at 13h 14min 34sec.

14. April Marine (650) Clément Machandel and Antoine Perrin at 13h 32min 59sec.

15. Coba2 (630) Pierre Moizan and Florian Mausy at 14h 32min 20sec.

16. Ixblues vamonos (412) Dorel Nacou and Nicolas Marchand at 15h 04min 32sec.

17.  Akali (316) Oriol Pujol Orgemi and Jordi Garriga Turon at 15h 32min 50sec.

18. Les bouchons d’ espoir Côtes d’ Armor (291) Eric Jezegou and Denis Aventurier at 17h 00min 05sec.

19. Adrenaline (346) Edgar Byczek and Tom Byczek at 17h 34min 37sec.

20. Petit citron Vert (184) Christian Jacquelin and Jean-Alex Gautier at 19h 28min 41sec.

21. C2O (395) Marine Feuerstein and Hanns Bergmann at 19h 38min 04sec.

22. Stenella Racing (392) Marcel Schwager and Andreas Hanakamp at 22h 58min 28sec.

23. Bleeding Cowboy (624) Nathalie Devouge and David Allamelou at 23h 05min 14sec.

24. Bon mais pas un rond (800). DNF.

25. VMax (419). DNF.

26.  Mini-Skirt (254). DNF).

Photo: Simon Jourdan