Mini-Fastnet: ranking update in the Production category

Thursday 22 June

They have been fighting tooth and nail and been on each other heels all along the race route. Judging by this 32nd Mini-Fastnet, we can expect a particularly exciting punch-up in the Mini Transat starting from La Rochelle on 1st October 2017.

Times at which they crossed the finishing line:

1. Emile Henry (895) Erwan Le Draoulec and Clarisse Cremer, at 10h. 39min 00sec.

2. Kerhis – Cerfrance (909) Tanguy Bouroullec and William Blosse, at 10h. 41min 14sec.

3. (910) Tom Dolan and François Jambou, at 10h. 44min 12sec

4. Technique Voile (913) Germain Kerleveo and Fred Duthil, at 10h. 50min 31sec.

5. Constructions du Belon (868) Nicolas Ferellec and Rémi Aubrun, at 10h. 57min 42sec.

6. Mahi-Mahi (869) Charly Fernbach and Benoit Hantzperg, at 11h. 04min 29sec.

7. Océ (887) Pierre Chedeville and Antoine Gloanec, at 11h. 06min 04sec.

8. Alla Grande Ambeco (539) Ambrogio Beccaria and Alberto Riva at 11h. 11min 38sec.

9. Shaman – Banque du Léman (903) Valentin Gautier and François Amaury at 11h. 12min 48sec.

10. (893) Oliver Tessloff and Victor Turpin at 11h. 25min 48sec.

11. Cachaca II (915) Benoit Sineau and Stéphane Le Diraison at 11h. 32min 38sec.

12. Challenge Espoir Mini Transat (917) Valentin Massu and Melchior Treilland at 12h. 20min 23sec.

13. Pogo Dancer (908) Pavel Roubal and Vedran Kabalin at 12h. 36min 35.

14. Golborne (832) Julien Mizrachi and Thomas Guichard at 12h. 50min 04sec.

15. Uniflow Marine (916) Stéphane Gressand and Alexandre Faidy at 12h. 58min 14sec.

16. Toto (935) James shead and Frederico Fornaro at 13h 45min 10sec.

17. Artelia (591) Marta Guemes and Didac Costa at 13h 45min 24sec.

18. Cabinand Rivault Nineuil – Enedis (892) Luc Giros and Pierre Baptiste Pion at 13h 50min 30sec.

19. Coco (866) Victor Barriquand and Maxime Miegebielle at 13h 58min 22sec.

20. Trebunnec (821) Loïc Fagherazzi and Vincent Madern at 14h. 09min 23sec.

21. Léopard (926) Guillaume Lecointre and Bastien Aumont at 14h 17min 44sec.

22. Patapain (896) Bertrand Saint-Supery and Adrien Bernard at 14h 35min 02sec.

23. White Sails (550) Kevin Tritschler and Jean-Louis Couedel at 15h 14min 22sec.

24. Manu Poki and les Biotechs (504) Elodie Pedron and Frédéric Bazin at 15h 53min 57sec.

25. Kalaona (824) Yann Burkhalter and Fabienne Burkhalter at 15h 55min 48sec.

26. Mini Doc (732) Lina Rixgens and Sverre Reinke at 16h 33min 38sec.

27. Val Je Velik (602) Slobodan Velikic and Sandi Misiraca at 16h 37min 21sec.

28. Jolly Roger (538) Massimo Ciccarelli and Stéfano Paltrinieri at 18h 56min 14sec.

29. Pandline-Hedefyelken (552) Ediz Onen and Marc Miro at 19h 34min 35sec.

30. Les Poupoules (879) Mathieu Bourdais and Jean-Noël Heraud at 19h 54min 27sec.

31. Mademoiselle Iodée (660) Julien Hatin and Emmanuel Chauvand at 22h 29min 03sec.

32. Salt (919) Sascha Bade and Michael Hoefgen at 23h 18min 26sec.

33. Pawan (250) Matthieu Lacharme and Guillaume Bapst on Friday 23 June at 00h 02min 02sec.

34. (627) Andrea Pawlotzki and Federico Cuciuc at 03h 17min 02sec.

35. Lendur (470) DNF.

36. Orafol-Haya (921) DNC.

Photo: Simon Jourdan