Programme Mini Fasnet


The Mini-Fastnet pre-race process, will take place in the harbour of Tréboul.

  • Boat Arrivals : From Saturday June 16 th 2018
  • Begining of check-ins and entry confirmations : Thursday June at 19 th, 9AM
  • End of check-ins: Friday June 22 nd, 6PM
  • End of registrations:  Friday June 22 nd , 6PM
  • Compulsory Prologue in the Bay of Douarnenez : Saturday June 23 rd 2018 (tests on trackers and VHF Checking)
  • Official Reception : Saturday June 23 rd , 7PM
  • Start of the race: Sunday June 24 th 2018
  • Prize giving ceremony and Reception (compulsory) : Saturday June 30 th, 7PM
  • End of the free berth period in the harbour : Sunday July 08 th 2018

Please keep the Race Committee and harbour office informed on your eventual intention to remain in the harbour after the race and/or about the parking of you trailer.