After the first night.

After the first night, Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville still lead, and progress at a sustained pace. A distance of 4 miles now separates them from the nearest competitors, François Jambou and Pascal Fievet on the 865. About fifteen miles later, there is a group of 4 prototypes, the 800, 900, 679 and 888.

On 946, the proto of Kéni Piperol and Sébastien Audigane is moving alongside the leader in the series category, the 947 of Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani.
The battle is intense, the one who is stalled will have little chance of catching up again.

News from the Japanese whose YB beacon is down: Masa Suzuki and Akiyoshi Ichimura were not far from the 880 this morning at around 4am, in the middle of the fleet.

The 431, skippered by Pep and Josep Costa, dismasted last night. Towed by the accompanying boat Rev in the night, they arrived safely in Penzance this morning at around 8:30 am.