Already at the Fastnet!

At 3:00pm, the 800, led by Ian Lipinski and Benoit Hantzperg, also sailed past Stags, a little ahead of the 900, 679 and 888. The leader in Series, the 947, was then 17 miles away from the mark.

At 3:30pm, Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville left the Fastnet, still followed by the 865 at around 3 miles behind them.

This 2019 edition is really fast!
A new speed record for the Mini-Fastnet?

Here are the times performed in the last 4 editions:
2015 Davy Beaudart and David Raison: 3 days 19h55’16
2016 Ian Lipinski and Sébastien Picault : 3 days 13h03’18
2017 Ian Lipinski and David Raison: 3 days 08h52’19
2018 Axel Tréhin and François Denis: 3 days 14h09’12

The last routings announce an arrival on Wednesday, June 19th at around 7pm (the departure took place on Sunday, June 16th at 9:45am).
The competitors will have to carefully deal with tomorrow’s lull on the final return journey.