At Wolf Rock

On Tartine, Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville are still in the lead, followed by François Jambou and Pascal Fievet. The 900, led by Raphaël Lutard and Quentin Vlamynck, is a few miles away and is followed by the 800, led by Ian Lipinski and Benoit Hantzperg.
They are followed, in the prototypes side, by the duos Lancien-Surzur on the 679, Sericano-Soldini on the 888, then the 759, 956 and 950, present at the front of the peloton.

Chaffoil the 969 was first a little bit stalled and joined by the 800 before Wolf Rock, then it slowed down significantly.

In the series, La Manche was not gentle with the Maxi. Ambrogio Beccaria and Alberto Riva (943) took over the leadership, closely followed by Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani (947), Amélie Grassi and Davy Beaudart (944) and a little further by the 905, 902 and 980.

The fleet now extends over nearly sixty miles, Marc-Eric Siewert and Amelia Ralphs (614) at the end of the peloton.

The 968, broken rudder, is on its way to Roscoff.
The 976 returns on his own.
The 850 is sailing back to Douarnenez due to a rudder issue.