Hervé Corlay, the Douarnenist

Hervé Corlay, 34 years old, is a metal worker. He is also THE douarnenist at the beginning of this 34th Mini-Fastnet.
He teams up with Ronan Jezegou on 692, Diaoulic. Hervé started in the Mini circuit since June 7, 2019. He has rather the soul of a regatta skipper, tactician or preferably number 1. He has notably done Class8 with the Winches Club. With Ronan, they were doing 420 together at the end of the 2000s. Ronan is from Brest. After 10 years of cruising, he recently started in Mini.
As soon as he considered participating in the Mini-Fastnet, there was no doubt: “to experience this adventure, if there’s one person I want to do it with, it’s Hervé! ».
Ronan and Hervé