Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani at Fastnet

At 10pm, the first competitors in the Series category are now rounding the mythical Fastnet.

Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani’s 947 opens the way, still side by side with the 956 proto-series skippered by Kéni Piperol and Sébastien Audigane.

Then come the inseparable Beccaria-Riva (943) and Grassi-Beaudart (944). A little further, follow in order, Estais-Goodchild on the 905, Ferré-Bloch on the 902, and Jacquelot-Sainson on the 909, themselve followed by the two Maxi, the 980 and the 973. Chaffoil is between these last three boats, 10th of the prototypes.

At the head of the race, in prototypes, Tartine (945) is still ahead of the 865, and 30 miles ahead from the 800. Then, 15 miles away from the 800, in 3rd place, a small group of four are sailing along the DST of the Fastnet, the 679, 888, 950 and 900. The 900 has lost three places between Stags and Fastnet.