No more wind!

Between 3am and 4am this morning, as announced, the wind dropped. The wind is changing to the northerly direction. After the amazing speeds recorded in the first 36 hours of the race, the fleet was literally stuck. This is one of the most terrible moments for the sailors’ minds.

The fleet now seems to be slowly restarting.

Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville are now 200 miles from the finish, followed on their port side by François Jambou and Pascal Fievet. Then 23 miles to the north, Ian Lipinski and Benoit Hantzperg are about ten miles ahead of the group of 4 prototypes (679, 950, 888, 900). The latter are caught up by the first series, in order: 947, 943, 944. This top trio is within 4 miles of each other, followed by the 905 and the 956.

At 9:00 am, 37 boats rounded the Fastnet Lighthouse.

Around 3:30 am this morning:

  • The 979 arrived at the port of Tréboul.
  • The 935 rounded the Fastnet.
  • The 470 had gone past Stags, closely followed to the 757 and the 857.