October in June?

It was winter yesterday, it’s spring today! … what about this week-end?

As indicated by Jean-Jacques Quéré, our weather specialist, a rough will cross Douarnenez area on the day of the Prologue, which is scheduled on Saturday, June 15th. Showers and West-Southwest winds at 17/20 knots are forecast.

The weather of the day of the start of the Mini-Fastnet, scheduled on Sunday, June 16th, will be similar as the day before with showers and Southwest winds at 17/20 knots.

The wind will weaken over the night from Monday to Tuesday. On Tuesday, June 18th, it will finally be a nice sunny day for the Minis, with Southeast winds at 5/8 knots on the Celtic Sea.

From Wednesday on, there is no reliable trend forecast at the moment, as weather models diverge largely.