Returning at a gentle pace.

 At 6pm, the Mini fleet is clearly divided into 3 groups :
The first, more than 25 miles from the leaders (945 and 865), is led by the 800. In this first group, we find the prototypes: 950, 679, 888, 900, 969, 969, 759 and the proto-series 956; as well as the 5 Pogo 3 (series): 947, 943, 944, 905 and 902. They are all moving at a speed of about 4.5 knots.
The second group consists of 29 boats, with the 802 and the 962 at the head. More scattered, this group seems to be looking for wind.
The last group, the rest of the fleet, has been stuck west of the DST for almost two hours.
The 961 probably missed the Stags mark and after passing the Fastnet Lighthouse, they bypassed the DST to pass the South Cardinal again.
At the front of the race, the 945 and 865 are still side by side and do not let go. The smallest mistake could cost the victory.
A routing, done at the end of the afternoon, gives an estimated arrival on Thursday June 20 between 3:00 am and 5:00 am.