The Winches Club volunteers

Ground Logistics :

These are the muscles of the team. They transport the tables, seating and barriers for the prizegivings, social events and other festivities. They also put down the race markers at sea.

Reception and Security Controls :

Equipped with a check list they inspect each Mini to check the obligatory security material which must be found onboard ; distress beacons, lifeboats etc

The Zodiac fleet :

For each race departure, the Mini’s are towed to the port’s exit. When they return, they are towed as far as their pontoon mooring.

Departure and arrival teams :

They launch the departure procedure for 80 boats under good security conditions with a public visibility. After several days sailing the Mini’s are always happy to see the Arrival boat.

Marine HQ :

Several people work on relay throughout the races to follow the progression of the participants on computer. Every hour they note each boats position and send it to the Race Director in case of problems.

Veille de nuit

The accompanying boats :

They mix with the Mini’s during the races and communicate with them thanks to VHF. They are the link between the Mini’s and the Race Director.

The Hospitality Team :

They organise and run the aperitifs, breakfasts and end of race meals. Douarnenez is well known for its cold beer and hot meal on arrival over which to discuss the race.