Photo Simon Jourdan


Today, the Mini class unites about  300 members, mainly racers, from all professional horizons, from the carpenter to the engineer, from the sailing instructor to the banker, from the journalist to the professional skipper. It is above all an association of enthusiasts, for lovers of these fabulous little sailing boats, who want to share the crashing waves, the budget nightmares, the caprices of the weather and all the moments of happiness that the sea offers !

The  ” Minists ” skim the Atlantic as much as the Mediterranean, thanks to the race organisers who, setting the bar high, have interwoven nautical and friendly links of the highest quality between the racers and the association.

The Board of Directors contributes to the dynamism of the Class as much in France as abroad. Each year, the race programme is enriched to form a coherent calendar, to mix things up a bit and attract new racers.

The boat

Laboratory of offshore racing for more than  25 years, the Minihave two categories: « PROTO » and « SERIE ». It measures 6 metres 50.

The Mini Class, today there are more than 1000 boats built since 1985. Since  1995, the successor of the emblematic  Muscadet (Harlé design) is mainly for the  Pogo 1 series  (Pierre Rolland design), joined by the  Pogo 2(Group Finot-Conq design), the Zéro(Marc Lombard design),the  Super-Calin(J.P. Magnan design), the Tip-Top (Sam Manuard design),the  Naus (Disegnocontrario design),theDingo and Dingo 2 (Pierre Rolland designs), the  Ginto(S. Magnen design), the  Mistral(Bernard Nivelt design), the  Nacira(Nacira Design), the RG 6.50(N. Goldenberg design), the Argo 6.50(Marc  Lombard), the Pogo 3(Guillaume Verdier), the Ofcet 6.50 (Etienne Bertrand design)…

The category PROTO is a real innovation ground for offshore racing.

The goal is security

One of the main ideas of the Class is to make the Mini’s evolve in the direction of security, whilst retaining their sporty and innovative appeal. This idea, marked by longlived memories of the perils of the sea, has ended up by creating a boat/racer partnership which is among the safest of the circuit. Responsibility, design, materials, checks, sea sense : on a Mini, everything is Maxi.