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Already at the Fastnet!

At 3:00pm, the 800, led by Ian Lipinski and Benoit Hantzperg, also sailed past Stags, a little ahead of the 900, 679 and 888. The leader in Series, the 947, was then 17 miles away from the mark.

At 3:30pm, Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville left the Fastnet, still followed by the 865 at around 3 miles behind them.

This 2019 edition is really fast!
A new speed record for the Mini-Fastnet?

Here are the times performed in the last 4 editions:
2015 Davy Beaudart and David Raison: 3 days 19h55’16
2016 Ian Lipinski and Sébastien Picault : 3 days 13h03’18
2017 Ian Lipinski and David Raison: 3 days 08h52’19
2018 Axel Tréhin and François Denis: 3 days 14h09’12

The last routings announce an arrival on Wednesday, June 19th at around 7pm (the departure took place on Sunday, June 16th at 9:45am).
The competitors will have to carefully deal with tomorrow’s lull on the final return journey.

Prologue Michèle Marchais

Ambrogio Beccaria and Alberto Riva, on the 943, crossed the finish line of the Prologue Michèle Marchais at the head of the fleet. They are followed by Chaffoil, the 969, skippered by Tanguy Bouroullec. In a 15-20 knot wind, the crews had to make a lap and a half of the course in the Douarnenez Bay. During this warm-up race, there were many abandonments and many damages among the competitors. Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville broke the port daggerboard of Tartine, the 945, while they were well in the lead at mark 1.

October in June?

It was winter yesterday, it’s spring today! … what about this week-end?

As indicated by Jean-Jacques Quéré, our weather specialist, a rough will cross Douarnenez area on the day of the Prologue, which is scheduled on Saturday, June 15th. Showers and West-Southwest winds at 17/20 knots are forecast.

The weather of the day of the start of the Mini-Fastnet, scheduled on Sunday, June 16th, will be similar as the day before with showers and Southwest winds at 17/20 knots.

The wind will weaken over the night from Monday to Tuesday. On Tuesday, June 18th, it will finally be a nice sunny day for the Minis, with Southeast winds at 5/8 knots on the Celtic Sea.

From Wednesday on, there is no reliable trend forecast at the moment, as weather models diverge largely.