ENTRY FORM MiniFastnet 2023

ENTRY FORM MiniFastnet 2023

Amendment N°1AVIS DE COURSE Mini Fastnet 2023

NOR Mini Fastnet 2023

Total amount: €495 (€390 registration fee + €20 application fee + €85 tracker’s rental), payable online.

From February 10 to 24: Registration according to the order of preference: as soon as the list drawn up by the Mini class is published (February 10), competitors will have two weeks to confirm their registration on the main list / short-list or on the waiting list.

– Registration on the main list / short-list: The Winches Club will send a registration link by email to the runners on the main list as well as to the first 10 on the waiting list (who will constitute the short-list). This link will allow you to complete the registration form and skippers will be asked to pay the full registration fee (€295) to validate their registration.

– Registration on the waiting list: competitors beyond the 10th place on the waiting list will receive a link to confirm their registration on the waiting list (registration form + €20 administration fee). Until February 24, their date of registration with the Winches Club will not affect their place in the list.

Warning ! Skippers on the waiting list who have not confirmed their registration on the waiting list on February 24 will be considered withdrawn.

From February 25: Registration in chronological order: From February 25, the order of preferences resulting from pre-registration with the Mini class will no longer apply. A waiting list registration link will be published directly from the race website


Registrations will then be recorded in chronological order of receipt of registration requests at the end of the waiting list.

Depending on the season and any withdrawals, we will contact skippers benefiting from an opening to the short-list or the main list so that they complete the balance of their registration.

From the notification of their passage to the short-list (date of the email from the AO), the runners have 10 days to finalize their registration by paying the balance via the link received (or contact the AO in the event of impossibility). Runners on the short-list who have not responded within this 10-day period will remain on the waiting list.

The waiting list will be regularly updated on the Mini class website until the final registration deadline.