“All we did was eat and sleep, I even had time to read 3/4 of a book, yes, that’s fine!” says a smiling Djemila Tassin as she attaches the 903 CANCER@WORK, which finished 5th in the series with Anne Liardet.

The foilers didn’t foil, the spinnakers stayed in the bags and yet everyone was happy with this slow, strategic race.

“5 hours in the calm at Fastnet, we’ve had plenty of time to see the lighthouse, we’ve been waiting 5 years for this!” joked Aymeric Le Renard.

Despite their little turn at Ushant, the crew of 1056 fulfilled their podium objective by finishing third, but they were the second Pogo 3 behind the 921 Barillec Marine-Actemium, skippered by Michaël Gendebien and Quentin Riché, who took victory after overtaking the 520 Gintonic, skippered by Fransceco Farci and Pietro Mureddu, who put in a fantastic early morning race.

Series podium (before jury)

1st – 921 Barillec Marine-Actemium, Michaël Gendebien and Quentin Riché finish at 7h45m11s
2nd – 520 Gintonic, Fransceco Farci and Pietro Mureddu at 6m16s
3rd – 1056 Da Gousket led by Justin Baradat and Thomas André at 7m31s

The battle was also intense for the Prototypes. And as they rounded Ushant, the 1081, leader since the Fastnet, wasn’t dragged down too much by the current, unlike her pursuers. They finely managed their position right to the end and won the race with a 36 minute lead.

Prototype podium (before jury)

1st – 1081 XUCLA, Carlos Manera Pascual and Federico Norman finish at 6h04m28s
2nd – 1019 REPREMAR LOGISTICS, Frederico Waksman and Léo Bothorel at 36m49s
3rd – 1046 DMG MORI, Federico Sampei and Lucas Rosetti at 45m39s