The big start is approaching!

On Sunday 9 June at 9.30am, the 85 boats registered (27 prototypes, 50 series, 8 proto-series) will set off for the start of the race. Heading for the legendary Fastnet lighthouse in Ireland!

This 600-mile double-handed race is the most northerly Mini race in the Celtic Sea. This year’s Mini Fastnet welcomes 11 nationalities. Of the 170 skippers who will be on the start line on Sunday morning, only 33 will be women.

This evening saw the first briefing in connection with tomorrow’s prologue. At this briefing for tomorrow’s prologue, the race directors went over the course again. The safety instructions were explained by the race directors, and in addition, two Mini sailors, Alexandre Demange and Côme L’olliver, came to talk to their fellow competitors about the incidents that have happened to them recently. Finally, Virginie, a former army helicopter operator, gave a reminder of the safety precautions to be taken in the event of a man overboard.

The prologue starts tomorrow at 12 noon in the Bay of Douarnenez.

The weekend’s programme:

Saturday 8 June: Prologue at 12 noon

General briefing and weather briefing at 6pm

Sunday 9 June: start of the Mini Fastnet at 9.30 am

The map link: