This year, the Mini Fastnet becomes the Mini BXA!

Due to changing weather conditions, the legendary Fastnet race is heading for Bordeaux this year. The start has also been postponed. The start is scheduled for 3.30pm.

A gate will be located at the Jument of the Glénans. If the situation deteriorates, the race will be interrupted. A second briefing is scheduled for tomorrow at 9:30am to confirm the route.

During this briefing, the race instructions (the start, penalties, potential stopovers, arrivals) were reiterated by Annabelle Moreau, the race director and by Hervé Chastel, the race committee.

The programme for Sunday 9 June:

From 11:30 to 12:30: registration and return of telephones.

12:30: start of towing

15:30: warning signal

Link to the map :