the Prologue canceled

The weather has been on everyone’s mind for the past few days and the light winds have led the race committee to cancel the Prologue to the 37th Mini-Fastnet. While some skippers are delighted to be able to fine-tune their preparations, other skippers welcome the opportunity the Prologue gives to get to grips with a boat they don’t necessarily know and sometimes even to get to know their team-mates from a previous race. The sun is shining down on the pontoons of Tréboul on 10th June, the eve of the start, and the competitors are taking advantage of the opportunity to study the current and isobar charts in order to anticipate the next few days, which are likely to be played out in light winds. Others are busy with seamanship or fine-tuning their rigs. Everyone will be able to take advantage of a day of relative calm to rest up before tomorrow’s start, dreaming of the legendary Fastnet Rock, which hasn’t been reached in this race since 2019.