2016: a record-breaking year!

Two new records have been set over the course of this 31st Mini Fastnet:

IN THE PROTOTYPE DIVISION: Ian Lipinski and Sébastien Picault on ‘Griffon.fr’ – 865 – sailed this classic race in 3 days 13 hours 03 minutes and 08 seconds. The former record dates back to 2010, when Guillaume Le Brec andYann Riou on ‘Eva Luna’ – 667– completed the race in 3 days 15 hours 51 minutes and 10 seconds.

IN THE PRODUCTION DIVISION: Charly Fernbach and Davy Beaudart on ‘Le Fauffiffon Hénaff’ – 869 – sailed this classic race in 3 days 17 hours 26 minutes and 20 seconds. The former record also dates back to 2010, when  Xavier Macaire and Yves Ravot on ‘Starter’ – 472 – completed the race in 4 days 02 hours 04 minutes and 04 seconds.


Photo Simon Jourdan

Mini Fastnet 2016: This is the year that…

On the surface, this 31st Mini Fastnet may seem uneventful, especially when we consider how the event as a whole went so smoothly.   We would be wrong to think so, however, as the sea was nothing like smooth on the first night, the night of the Channel crossing, and a rough one it was.  The competitors had been warned, so they had prepared for it, yet even so they had to deal with tough sailing conditions in the first stages, when they got drenched and very cold.

This 31st Mini Fastnet may seem somewhat bland because there has been so little boat damage, no distress calls, very few pit stops, no case requiring to contact the CROSS (Regional Operational Centre for Monitoring and Rescue), in short, from this perspective you might say it was plain sailing. And yet…

Yet, it has to be said about this 2016 Mini Fastnet:

This is the year that the youngest and the oldest competitors sailed on the same Mini. A daughter aged barely twenty, her father aged sixty-nine; what a lovely crew! Well done to Michel and Marine on 512.

This is the year that it all went like clockwork.

This is the year that sailors were astounded by the accuracy and reliability of Jean-Jacques Quéré’s weather forecast.

This is the year that the first sixteen Production boats are Pogo3s

This is the year that Estelle, Erwan, Kevin and Antoine hit the bottom near the Pourceaux rocks in the Chenal du Four and were escorted back to Camaret.

This is the year that JMO got stuck under the lifeline while he was clearing seaweed from his rudder blade, and that his beacon was activated. He had to be cut free.

This is the year that Guillaume and Benoit tangled with ocean sunfish near the Irish coast. Even so the two skippers’ version of the story is different from the facts, it is a fact that they lost a rudder blade, and came back on one leg. Only once in a blue moon…

This is the year that a Czech crew, Pavel and Milan, nearly won the race. Our previous post ‘Drama in the Bay’ will tell you more about this.

This is the year that the King of Douarnenez nearly failed to win. Although, with Charly and Davy at the helm, the Faufiffon eventually breezed in first place over the crossing line.

This is the year that Nolwenn and Nicolas were trying to find out, via VHF, the finer points of operating a Roger designed Mini.

This is the year that the Croat crews, Vedran and Darko, Slobodan and Andraz, gave it their all.

This is the year that a skipper absentmindedly sailed right across the TSS and slipped to the bottom of the ranking.

This is the year that a Viking from Concarneau won his first and well-deserved victory – a pleasure to behold.

This is the year with10 protos in the starting line-up and 6 protos finishing the race; the year before another great fight between snub noses and a variety of swift proto gliders…at least we hope so.

This is the year when Ian added another victory to his tally.

Like every year, this is the year that you are already excited about another jaunt to the Fastnet; Mini in terms of the type of boat taking part, huge in terms of the joys it brings.


Photo Simon Jourdan

Final ranking in the Production division

  1. Charly Fernbach and Davy Beaudart – ‘Le Fauffiffon Hénaff’ on Thursday 23 June 2016 at 12:36:20
  2. Pierre Chedeville and Paul Cloarec – ‘Blue Orange Games Sea Owl’ 12:36 :57
  3. Germain Kerleveo and Fred Duthil – ‘Technique Voile’ at 12:08:26
  4. Tanguy Bouroullec and Erwan Tymen – ‘Pogo Partners’ at 12:39:26
  5. Tom Dolan and François Jambou – ‘Offshoresailing.fr’ at 12:39:36
  6. Clarisse Cremer and Clément Bouyssou –‘TBS’ at 12:40:56
  7. Pavel Roubal and Milan Kolacek – ‘Pogo Dancer’ at 12:41:30
  8. Valentin Gautier and Patrick Girod – ‘Shaman’ at 13:09:01
  9. Erwan Le Draoulec and Erwann Le Mené – ‘Emile Henry’ at 13:58:39
  10. Benoit Sineau andYann Claverie – ‘Cachaca II’ at 14:17:52
  11. Jonas Gerckens and Albert Lagneaux – ‘Volvo’ at 14:39:13
  12. Sander Van Doorn and Dimitri Simons – ‘Stinkfoot’ at 14:54:33
  13. Oliver Tessloff and Victor Turpin – ‘Jandia’ at  15:46:53
  14. Yvan Chapon and Henri Lemenicier – ‘LPO Agir pour la Biodiversité’ at 16:09:47
  15. Guillaume Combescure and Benoit Hantzperg – ‘Mini Oiri’ at 16:42:20
  16. Anna Corbella and Aitor Ocerin – ‘Like Crazy’ at 18:24:20
  17. Victor and Pierre-Baptiste Pion – ‘Coco’ at 18:25:36
  18. Yannick Le Clech and Fabrice Guillerm – ‘Dragobert’ at 18:32:09
  19. Stéphane Gresset and Pierre Benard – ‘Uniflow’ at 18:41:29
  20. Jérôme Lhermitte and Guillaume Coupe – ‘Moana’ at 18:45:45
  21. Vedran Kabalin and Darko Hajdinjak – ‘Eloa’ at 19: 25: 26
  22. Kevin Cantin and Mathieu Bourdais – ‘Kevin et Mathieu’ at 20:21:10
  23. Slobodan Velikic and Andraz Mihelin – ‘TBA – Sissa 2’ at 21:02:37
  24. Luc Giros and Julien Hereu – ‘La Transatlantique du Poitou’ at 22:37:02
  25. Stanilas Thuret and Arthur Penet – ‘Les toiles enchantées’ at 23 :09 :44
  26. Etienne Fournier and Pierre Pol Lacas – ‘Dinki toy’ at 23 :12 :44
  27. Benjamin Montagut and Laurent Picard – ‘Oxy Souffle-rAquitaine.com’ on Friday 24 juin 2016 à 00 :36 :33
  28. Mathieu Lambert and Thomas Sauder – ‘Celtinox’ at 05:12:06
  29. Loïc Fagherazzi and Arnaud Samzun –‘ Trebunnec’  at 05:32:03
  30. Nolwenn Caze and Marie Gendron – ‘Fée rêvée’  at 06 :02 :34
  31. Martin Callebaut and Jean-Marie Oger – ‘Extasea’ at 06:46:12
  32. Cédric Faron and Thomas Gauthier – ‘Quasar’ at 06:51:12
  33. Sébastien Liagre and Adrien Machecourt – ‘Wallaby’ at 06:54:24
  34. Frédéric Bazin and William Pain – ‘Manu Poki’ at 07:04:11
  35. Bertrand Saint-Supery and Cyril Augier – ‘Bdeuxs.com’ at 07:06:26
  36. Thibault Michelin and Jean-Jacques Leroy – ‘EIAO’ at 07:31:28
  37. Patrick Conway and Alessandro Torresani – ‘Matador’ at 09:28:26
  38. Camille Taque and Philippe Vagner – ‘Pepen’ at 09:34:13   
  39. Timothée Bonavita and Pierre Duperrin – ‘Mini-Lab’ at 11:05 :46
  40. Julien Bozzolo and David Kremer – ‘Mariole’ at 12:01:33
  41. Valentin Dantec and Kevin Koch – ‘Lomig’ at 12:46 :46
  42. Marine and Michel André – ‘Mini Explorer’ at 14:04 :41
  43. Adrien Bernard and Laurent Bardinot – ‘Blue Gin’ at 14:14:39
  44. James Shead and Bas Hoekstra – ‘NED 911’ at 14:59:27
  45. Gergo Szutrely and Farkas Bence – ‘The Hun’ at 15:17:33

Final ranking in the Prototype division

1.Ian Lipinski and Sébastien Picault – ‘Griffon.fr’ on Thursday 23 June 2016 at 08:13:08 in 3 days 13 hours 3 minutes and 8 seconds

2.Emmanuel Renaud and Nicolas D’Estais – ‘Wild side’ at 12:37:00

3. Maxime Sallé and Ludovic Mechin – ‘On the road again 2’ at 13:16:05

4. Gaultier Enguehard and Thomas Guilbaud – ‘Le Mini brestois’  at 20:25:56

5. Pablo Torres and Pilar Pasanau – ‘Bicho II – Puerto Cherry’ at 21:52 :13                                                                                                            

6. Nicolas Fitte and Nolwenn De Carlan – ‘Mini skirt’ on Friday 24 June 2016 at 07:05: 53