Halfway to the finish!

Seneca said: “There is no favourable wind for one who does not know where he is going“.

I’m sure that the competitors in the 37th Mini-Fastnet have had time to reflect on the very special atmospheric conditions they are encountering and to ask themselves where they could possibly be going in this hellish calm. Carlos Manera Pascual and Federico Norman on the Prototype 1081, on the other hand, seemed to know where they were going last night, as they moved well away from the fleet and the direct route south. An option which puts them in a good position to be the first to round the Fastnet with a certain lead.

In the Series, the Minis are also slowly making headway towards the halfway mark. The bulk of the fleet should cross the Rock tonight. Fransceco Farci and Pietro Mureddu’s 520 Gintonic continues to lead the fleet. She is flanked by 1056 Da Gousket sailed by Justin Baradat and Thomas André to her south, and 921 Barillec Marine-Actemium sailed by Michaël Gendebien and Quentin Riché to the north.