Probably the longest Mini-Fastnet in history

This morning more than half of the competitors passed the mythical Fastnet lighthouse, which looked like it was sitting in the middle of a lake.

Among the prototypes, Carlos Manera Pascual and Federico Norman on the 1081 have a lead of around twenty miles over the 1048, DMG MORY, sailed by Laure Galley and Mathis Bourgnon and the 967, Celeris Informatique, owned by Victor Mathieu and Maxime Dagorne. The latter opted to stay south of the direct route, unlike the others.

In the Series, we find the same trio: the 921, Barillec Marine-Actemium, sailed by Michaël Gendebien and Quentin Riché, the 1056, Da Gousket, sailed by Justin Baradat and Thomas André, and the 520 Gintonic sailed by Fransceco Farci and Pietro Mureddu, separated by less than 2 miles and with a lead of around fifteen miles over the chasing pack.

The wind continues to veer south, against the direct route. The latest routings, computer simulations, suggest that the frontrunners will arrive late in the day or evening on Saturday.

The race organization managed to contact the 346 via the coastguard, all is well on board. It’s just out of wind.