Ready to Tack

The two leading boats have tacked after more than 30 hours on starboard tack. The 1019-TeamWork is still resisting the 969-POGO FOILER and they are now approaching the Breton coast. The 850-Pays d’Iroise is hanging on about 6 nautical miles behind. The 800-Irina Gracheva Racing and the 787 – DECOSAIL are 10 miles behind the leader.

In the Series, 886-HALTOFLAME / is leading the Pogo 3s – 947-Race For Pure Ocean, 920-SIGNFORCOM, 914-Velotrade and 966-LES ALPHAS – by a short margin, while the Italians on 993-EdiliziAcrobatica are still a little further out in the fleet. It’s difficult to say who will be first at the penultimate mark of the course, the West Sein buoy. Whether it’s the duelling prototypes, the fratricidal Pogo’s or the Italian outsiders, the bets are on!


The end of the race is approaching, the first boats are expected to arrive in Douarnenez at around 3am and the last boats, who are currently 70 nautical miles behind, should cross the line more than 24 hours after the winners.

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