The Chaussée de Sein

It was yesterday at around 22:30 that the 1019 – TeamWork and the 969-POGOFOILER crossed paths, 20 nautical  miles below the Occidentale de Sein. It was at this point that Tanguy Bouroullec and Guillaume L’Hostis took the lead. They then passed  the western buoy  of the Chaussée de Sein just before 03:00  this morning with a 45 minute lead. At 04:30, 22 nautical miles from the finish, they were doing  almost 10 knots with a lead of almost 10 nautical miles. Pierre Le Roy and Cedric Faron are only doing  7.5 knots… a mechanical problem?

Behind them, the 850-Pays d’Iroise is well placed to keep its third position, followed by the 800-Irina Gracheva Racing, the 787-DECOSAIL and the 930-Cassiopee.

With 50 nautical miles to go, the 886-HALTOFLAME / remains the leader of the series with a lead of less than 2 nautical miles over its pursuers, the 914-Velotrade, the 920-SIGNFORCOM and the 966-LES ALPHAS and 993-EdiliziAcrobatica one mile further down. Negotiation  of the Occidentale de Sein will be crucial for this group as well.

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