Passage through the  Raz

At 20:30 the first ones passed through  the Raz de Sein.

In the Series  class, the 993-EdiliziAcrobatica, the 886-HALTOFLAME /, the 1007-Association MJ pour l’Enfance were in the lead. Amongst the prototypes, the “pointy” ones seemed to be in command: the 491-Port of Galway (the Irishman of the race) side by side with the 551-Bahia express and  the 709-RAS INTERIM sailed ahead of the fleet.

They had to go and pick up some wind near the  Cap de la Chèvre coast  at the mouth of the  Bay to avoid slowing up  before crossing  the Raz. A quarter of the competitors passed through without incident  at 21:00. The wind was only 2 knots north of the Pointe du Raz.

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