The route going to the Fastnet lighthouse is maintained

 A little drizzle and a grey sky overhang Douarnenez today, Friday June 10, 2022. This does not prevent the skippers from finishing their last odds and ends on the boats before going to the Maison de Nautisme to get the racing instructions, given out at  11:00 this morning.
Japanese TV in on the pontoon for de DMG Mori boats and skippers.
The departure is precise: June 12, 08:00 for the initial course.  It will not be a lazy Sunday morning for the skippers or for the volunteers of the Winches Club;  it takes about 3 hours to tow all the boats out of the harbour!  In the meantime, the skippers are taking advantage of still having a connection to do some routing on the computer.  The weather forecast announces a light to moderate north-westerly wind.  It will be, a priori, by tacking that the regatta will begin;  the passage du Four between the island of Ouessant and the coast then passage to the east of the Isles of Scilly before heading for the Fastnet lighthouse.  For the return, which passes to the west of any coast, a ridge, an area without wind, extends to the southwest from the Scilly  Islands and seems to move little.  “Crossing this wall is likely to be long,” says François Jambou.  That said, the weather is quite unstable and can change a lot in the meantime.  Stay tuned!
A dolphin surprised a skipper in the water. Sadly there is no photo…