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No more wind!

Between 3am and 4am this morning, as announced, the wind dropped. The wind is changing to the northerly direction. After the amazing speeds recorded in the first 36 hours of the race, the fleet was literally stuck. This is one of the most terrible moments for the sailors’ minds.

The fleet now seems to be slowly restarting.

Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville are now 200 miles from the finish, followed on their port side by François Jambou and Pascal Fievet. Then 23 miles to the north, Ian Lipinski and Benoit Hantzperg are about ten miles ahead of the group of 4 prototypes (679, 950, 888, 900). The latter are caught up by the first series, in order: 947, 943, 944. This top trio is within 4 miles of each other, followed by the 905 and the 956.

At 9:00 am, 37 boats rounded the Fastnet Lighthouse.

Around 3:30 am this morning:

  • The 979 arrived at the port of Tréboul.
  • The 935 rounded the Fastnet.
  • The 470 had gone past Stags, closely followed to the 757 and the 857.

Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani at Fastnet

At 10pm, the first competitors in the Series category are now rounding the mythical Fastnet.

Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani’s 947 opens the way, still side by side with the 956 proto-series skippered by Kéni Piperol and Sébastien Audigane.

Then come the inseparable Beccaria-Riva (943) and Grassi-Beaudart (944). A little further, follow in order, Estais-Goodchild on the 905, Ferré-Bloch on the 902, and Jacquelot-Sainson on the 909, themselve followed by the two Maxi, the 980 and the 973. Chaffoil is between these last three boats, 10th of the prototypes.

At the head of the race, in prototypes, Tartine (945) is still ahead of the 865, and 30 miles ahead from the 800. Then, 15 miles away from the 800, in 3rd place, a small group of four are sailing along the DST of the Fastnet, the 679, 888, 950 and 900. The 900 has lost three places between Stags and Fastnet.

Already at the Fastnet!

At 3:00pm, the 800, led by Ian Lipinski and Benoit Hantzperg, also sailed past Stags, a little ahead of the 900, 679 and 888. The leader in Series, the 947, was then 17 miles away from the mark.

At 3:30pm, Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville left the Fastnet, still followed by the 865 at around 3 miles behind them.

This 2019 edition is really fast!
A new speed record for the Mini-Fastnet?

Here are the times performed in the last 4 editions:
2015 Davy Beaudart and David Raison: 3 days 19h55’16
2016 Ian Lipinski and Sébastien Picault : 3 days 13h03’18
2017 Ian Lipinski and David Raison: 3 days 08h52’19
2018 Axel Tréhin and François Denis: 3 days 14h09’12

The last routings announce an arrival on Wednesday, June 19th at around 7pm (the departure took place on Sunday, June 16th at 9:45am).
The competitors will have to carefully deal with tomorrow’s lull on the final return journey.

After the first night.

After the first night, Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville still lead, and progress at a sustained pace. A distance of 4 miles now separates them from the nearest competitors, François Jambou and Pascal Fievet on the 865. About fifteen miles later, there is a group of 4 prototypes, the 800, 900, 679 and 888.

On 946, the proto of Kéni Piperol and Sébastien Audigane is moving alongside the leader in the series category, the 947 of Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani.
The battle is intense, the one who is stalled will have little chance of catching up again.

News from the Japanese whose YB beacon is down: Masa Suzuki and Akiyoshi Ichimura were not far from the 880 this morning at around 4am, in the middle of the fleet.

The 431, skippered by Pep and Josep Costa, dismasted last night. Towed by the accompanying boat Rev in the night, they arrived safely in Penzance this morning at around 8:30 am.

At Wolf Rock

On Tartine, Axel Tréhin and Thomas Coville are still in the lead, followed by François Jambou and Pascal Fievet. The 900, led by Raphaël Lutard and Quentin Vlamynck, is a few miles away and is followed by the 800, led by Ian Lipinski and Benoit Hantzperg.
They are followed, in the prototypes side, by the duos Lancien-Surzur on the 679, Sericano-Soldini on the 888, then the 759, 956 and 950, present at the front of the peloton.

Chaffoil the 969 was first a little bit stalled and joined by the 800 before Wolf Rock, then it slowed down significantly.

In the series, La Manche was not gentle with the Maxi. Ambrogio Beccaria and Alberto Riva (943) took over the leadership, closely followed by Matthieu Vincent and Alessandro Torresani (947), Amélie Grassi and Davy Beaudart (944) and a little further by the 905, 902 and 980.

The fleet now extends over nearly sixty miles, Marc-Eric Siewert and Amelia Ralphs (614) at the end of the peloton.

The 968, broken rudder, is on its way to Roscoff.
The 976 returns on his own.
The 850 is sailing back to Douarnenez due to a rudder issue.

An express Channel crossing

The fleet, led by the 945 and 865, is moving at a very good pace, at nearly 15 knots. They should reach the English coast at around 8pm, less than 11 hours after departure. Behind the first two are the two foiling Mini, the 969 and the 900. Then, just before the peloton, there is the top four in the series category. The Dhallenne-Champanhac duo on the 979 is ahead of the Cloarec-Jezequel (951), Beccaria-Riva (943) and D’Estais-Goodchild (905) pairs.
Note: The beacon of the 470 is out of order and their position is not reported anymore since 3pm.
Abandonment: the 588, rigging issue.


While most of the fleet is leaving the Chenal du Four at an average of 8- 9 knots, and that the first prototypes are running at 15 knots in La Manche, we still deplores abandonments.

The 975 broke the bowsprit and the 977 broke parts of the rudder. The two boats give up and return to Douarnenez.

The 935 lost its YB beacon in the water. He continues the race but will no longer be visible on the map.

Hervé Corlay, the Douarnenist

Hervé Corlay, 34 years old, is a metal worker. He is also THE douarnenist at the beginning of this 34th Mini-Fastnet.
He teams up with Ronan Jezegou on 692, Diaoulic. Hervé started in the Mini circuit since June 7, 2019. He has rather the soul of a regatta skipper, tactician or preferably number 1. He has notably done Class8 with the Winches Club. With Ronan, they were doing 420 together at the end of the 2000s. Ronan is from Brest. After 10 years of cruising, he recently started in Mini.
As soon as he considered participating in the Mini-Fastnet, there was no doubt: “to experience this adventure, if there’s one person I want to do it with, it’s Hervé! ».
Ronan and Hervé